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Empathize and empower your employees, students, or clients. Show that you stand by them and truly care.

We offer a separate sales channel and pricing for corporates or institutions that want to provide menstrual products as part of their welfare policy in their facility.

Soap, toilet paper, and stationary are all things you expected for free in hotels, corporates, and institutions. But why not sanitary pads?

91% of menstruators are caught off guard without period products, despite where they are or what they are doing. Emergency situations like this result in secret codes between friends, stuffing your underwear with toilet paper or unscheduled visits to the nearest store.

Wouldn’t it be better if sanitary pads were free, just like toilet paper? Join us in the journey to prevent period poverty by including ira in your organisation.

Contact us via email at if you are interested to join our network.

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