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Campaign Objective & Purpose

A charity campaign between ira and 4 Thai female artists to raise funds for a pad drive in vulnerable communities along the border of Thailand. In honour of menstrual hygiene day, we want to emphasise the importance of period rights and menstrual education, by using art as a tool to communicate and raise awareness on gender equality and period poverty.ย 

Like NFTs which give you ownership and individuality, each person experiences periods differently. We hope you can find a piece that best describes your experience in this collection and own it, just like embracing your own self in whatever form or emotions you have in a menstrual cycle.

This campaign not only raises awareness about our diverse bodies and shines a light into what menstruators go through every month, but also gives back the dignity to children and women in vulnerable communities. Through art, I want people to see stigmatized subjects that have been overlooked, shamed, and hidden for too long in a different way. Vaginas are beautiful, periods are natural, and pads are a necessity.

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Artists & Inspiration



A freelance illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from a communication design program, whose works are particularly obsessed with details on vectors and vibrant colors.

"The inspiration for all illustrations is based on me, through the encounter of my experiences with menstruation. The visualization of my feelings, pain, and touch in each stage of menstruation are being expressed in multiple themes to illustrate and reflect on how we, as women, actually feel in different creative forms."



Kornsarin Pattarasopak (Reen) was born in 1993. She studied Visual and Communication Design at Silpakorn University. She is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand.

"My inspiration comes from cards, which normally have two sides. This ties in with period moods which can change rapidly and constantly. Cards are also collectables, just like NFTs, which works perfectly for NFT collectors."

sasi tee

Sasi tee

Sasi Tee is a Bangkok-based freelance artist and designer. She makes various things like books, zines, prints, and such. She enjoys exploring varied fields of creativity.

"There are 7 main images I made under the concept of nature. For me, gender is difficult to determine clearly because of the many differences and fluidity, which makes it beautiful. Therefore, the first thing that came to my mind when I started working on this project is the diversity in nature. All variations in nature are deemed normal and natural. Emotions and gender vary for everyone just like nature, whether it's budding, blooming, or wilting. Whatever you are or going through, everyone is elegantly perfect in your own way."

sprinkle on cake

Sprinkle on Cake

Sprinkle on cake ( On Natnicha),ย is a freelance illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her work often features feminine objects such as flowers, animals and desserts using vibrant colours.

"My inspiration for this collection is from the delicacy and complexity of flowers, which resembles the female reproductive organ and anatomy. I want to present the different sides of flowers, not just the beautiful side. They can have other expressions that resemble different emotions and don't always look cute or sweet.

How to Participate

Option 1: Buy an NFT

1. Create an account with a crypto exchange (e.g. Bitkub / Binance) ๐Ÿ”

2. Set up a MetaMask wallet (or any other wallet you prefer) ๐Ÿบ

3. Add the Binance Smart Chain (BCS) Network to your wallet โ›“

4. Transfer BNB from your exchange into your wallet on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) ๐Ÿ”€

5. Choose and buy your NFT at ๐ŸŽจ

Option 2: Buy a Print

Available at 1b1 store with a variety of 8 prints (2 from each artist) in both poster and frame.

Size 45x60cm, museum-grade printing, fine art 200g paper, black frame.

Meanlee frame 1Meanlee frame 2

Option 3: Donate via Bank Transfer

For those who wish to donate directly, please transfer an amount of your choice to our account:

Account no:ย 1307500940

Bank: Bangkok Bank

Account name:ย Ira Concept Co., Ltd.

You can let us know that you've donated by contacting us on LineOA (@ira_concept) or by email (

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